Hey everyone, I'm the co-founder of E2B. We're building cloud for AI agents and apps where you can let LLMs use the same software tools as humans.

Our first product are AI Playgrounds. AI Playgrounds are sandboxed cloud environments for your AI agents and apps. You can create an AI playground with our SDK without worrying about any infra setup.

Some of the use cases we've seen from our users:

1. Coding Copilots

  • coding copilots that run code inside our playgrounds
  • executing code inside playgrounds and feeding the errors back to LLM
  • getting linter information about the code
  • cloning github repos, installing deps, and then writing code in a more specific context
  • building code interpreter for your in-house LLMs

2. Data Analysts Copilots

  • Uploading data to the AI playground and then using python that works with the data
  • visualizing data with charts

3. Personal Assistants

  • running headless browsers inside AI playgrounds
  • letting AI agents crawl websites

Here's an example of what can be built with our playgrounds.

Similar to what Replit just announced on their blog post. Ours are without waitlist though.

Start here 👇


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